Monday, January 18, 2010

Anything to stop the crying!

Nothing soothes the soul like the sound of a colicy baby. Well, perhaps there's not much truth in that. Actually, there's no truth in it. The sounds that emerge from your usually sweet little one when he or she has a bellyache can be heart-wrenching. So what's a parent (or grandparent or caretaker) to do?

While your doctor might offer other suggestions, such as prescription drugs (which may be necessary), here are some natural remedies that just might work to help you and your baby enjoy some quiet time.

Rock-a-bye baby. The motion of rocking can calm a gassy belly and cause your little one to actually pass the gas. Settling into a rocking chair with mommy might do the trick. A swing can work wonders as well; just make sure your baby is at least 3 weeks old before placing him or her in a swing.

The sounds of silence...NOT! Oddly enough, a colicky baby isn't looking for some peace and quiet. The gentle roar of the vacuum cleaner or the swishing of your dishwasher is somehow soothing to little ones with upset tummies.

Warm and cozy. Throw a towel or fuzzy blanket into the dryer to warm it up. Then place it across your infant's abdomen. The heat is soothing and might be all that's needed.

On the road again. If all else fails, get out the carseat, strap in your little one and hit the road. This used to be a tried and true remedy for the average folk, but with the escalating gas prices, it seems to be reserved for those who either have fat bank accounts or hybrid cars!

If you have any other ideas for home remedies for colic, please post a comment. I love to share readers' comments with other parents out there searching for answers to common issues.

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