Monday, August 8, 2016

What's In Your Bag? Check it out and you just might win a pretty awesome prize!

Those of you who have been following the blog for awhile know that I adore Hyland's Homeopathy and their products. I honestly don't know what I'd do without a whole slew of their products. My daughters depend on them as well to keep their own kiddos happy and healthy. That's why I didn't even hesitate when I was asked to help promote one of the most awesome giveaways ever! While this is sponsored content (I received some really great products in exchange for this post), I stand behind every product I'm introducing today on the blog. Seriously.

What's in your bag? Have you ever surveyed the stuff in your diaper bag, beach bag, or purse? How much of it is safe for your family? Knowing this audience, I imagine most of it is. But how would you like to WIN one of three bags that contain great products from companies like Hyland's, Noyah, SheaMoisture, Jack N Jill, Babyganics, Ella's Kitchen, Ishga Organic Skincare, and Goddess Garden? With Hyland's bag picks, you can wrap up summertime with natural, safe, effective, non toxic, paraben free products that are, simply stated, some of the best natural products around. 

What you want to do is head over to Hyland's Facebok page to check out each of the following bags. The bags shown there are super cool and interactive! It's unlike anything you've ever seen! When I checked them out, I was having such fun hovering over the products and clicking on the links for more information. I seriously wanted EVERYTHING in the Natural Fashionista Mom Bag (it's perfect for grandmas, too!). But I could imagine how amazing you moms with little ones would feel about the other two bags. After all, these bags were put together by Hyland's. And moms like you have been trusting Hyland's for over a century!

Let's start with my personal favorite: What's In Your Natural Fashionista Mom Bag? Click on the link and you can see for yourself. 

Check it out! There are beauty and skincare products from 

  • Ishga Organic Seaweed Skincare for both women and men
  • Natural sunscreen from Goddess Garden 
  • Noyah Natural Lip Products. Can anyone say "Spearmint Lip Balm"? Ahhh. 
  • A variety of Hyland's products for mom and the kiddos. And here's the thing: Hyland's understands that moms often miss having a good night's sleep. Often. So they came up with this wonderful product to help you out: Hyland's Good Morning. It's free of caffeine but just might replace your steaming mug of coffee (which you often don't get around to drinking until it's cold, right?) as your new best friend. It's in the bag, mama!
  • Oh, and if all of that isn't enough for you, they've also thrown in a $100 VISA gift card! Woo hoo!

Then there's the What's In Your Day-Trip Kid Bag? Equally awesome.

Here's some of the goodies you'll find in this bag:
  • First of all, it's not all kidstuff! How about some Nubian Heritage products, like hand cream? Nubian considers skin and hair problems and offers solutions. And, since I've been traveling so much lately, I especially like all of their travel size products. They sure beat the travel size product bins at the drug store!
  • Noyah Natural Lip Products are tucked away in this bag, too.
  • Goddess Garden is in there to keep your kiddos and you protected from the sun. 
  • Curb the munchies with great organic snacks and nutritious smoothies from Ella's Kitchen! Every mom knows that snacks are a must in every day-trip bag, right?
  • Hyland's comes to the rescue whether the little ones are sniffling, coughing, or restless, or when they trip and fall or get bitten by a nasty bug. I don't see why any mom would head out for the day without Hyland's 4 Kids Bumps 'n Bruises with Arnica anyway. It certainly belongs in this bag!
  • Of course, there's a $100 VISA gift card floating around in there, too. How handy would that be on your day-trip to the zoo or amusement park?

And finally, we have the What's In Your Baby Beach Bag? 

My daughters and their families are heading to the beach this month. There will be two moms, two dads, and five little ones (God bless them), ages 7, nearly 6, 3, 18 months, and 9 months. They will understand clearly why this bag is a necessity! Here's what's packed inside:
  • Babyganics goodies to keep the little ones safe and germ-free (well, as much as that's possible!)
  • Jack N' Jill natural tooth products to keep teeth and gums healthy (from newborns on up).
  • SheaMoisture baby products to nurture the delicate skin of your baby. 
  • Ella's Kitchen will keep them hydrated and satisfied with some awesome smoothies.
  • Noyah Natural Lip Products are tossed into the bag for mama, too.
  • And, of course, what baby bag is complete without an assortment of Hyland's for infants? There's even some Nerve Tonic thrown in there in case you're having an especially frazzled day!
  • Top it all off with another $100 VISA gift card. Didn't I tell you this was an amazing giveaway?!
Not sure which bag you'd like? Good news! You can enter once for EACH BAG! Just click the bag links and hop on over to Hyland's FB page to enter. Cool beans, don't you think? I sure do. Whether we're talking SheaMoisture, Noyah, Jack N' Jill, Ella's Kitchen, Noyah, Goddess Garden, Ishga Organic Skincare, or Hyland's, these are all fantastic summertime picks for natural wellness. What's in your bag? Just make sure it's safe, effective, non toxic, and paraben free.

Contest is open to U.S. only. 18+. 

Good luck!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hyland's and the above promotional partners. Uses for Hyland's products are based on traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.

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