Thursday, August 25, 2016

The best day of 2016

Image courtesy of Luis Caleron

Today was the best day of 2016 for our family. This morning, we officially welcomed my granddaughter, Luna, into the fold. Even though she's been part of our hearts from the day she was born, over 10 months ago, today, she got a new last name and a permanent home with my daughter and her husband -- her mom and dad.

I watched with much emotion and pride as my daughter was sworn in during the court session. She spoke with confidence and warmth as she promised to treat this child in the same way as her biological son. I wanted to interrupt and say, "Of course, she will. She always has." But I kept quiet. Surprisingly, I also kept my tears at bay, somewhat. At least I didn't have to reach into my purse for a hankie. 

The judge was amazingly kind and welcoming to all of us, allowing pictures during the proceedings. Afterward, she posed for pictures with the family. There was such joy in the room.

Luna, I didn't get the opportunity to swear my devotion to you. So I'll do it here, for everyone in the GG community to witness.

I, your loving grandma, promise to always treat you like the treasure you are. Like the treasure your brother and your three cousins are. You are all the same in my heart and you always will be.

I will be here for you to share in your joys and your sorrows, your accomplishments and your disappointments. 

I will brag on you like nobody's business, because Luna Bean, that's what grandmas do.

From the time you were just a wee, bitty newborn, I sang this song to you. I wrote it with you in mind and, don't tell the other kids, but it's my favorite of the songs I've written for my grandbabies. I'm singing it now with tears streaming down my cheeks. Tears of sheer and utter joy. 

Luna, bright as the moonlight
I want to tell you
Everything's gonna be all right.

Luna, just like the moon shines
I promise you that
Everything's gonna be just fine.

Fine, it is. So fine, indeed.

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