Thursday, August 18, 2016

25 years. A pink milestone in marriage.

Bill and I eloped 25 years ago today. I have to admit I've always regretted not having a wedding with our children present and surrounded by friends and family. But one of the children was definitely not going to cooperate, so we shelved the wedding plans and eloped.

Through the years, I've often thought of having a renewing of vows ceremony. Complete with friends, family, and at least some of our now-grown children. But it just hasn't happened. We considered it for this, our 25th anniversary, but then found out two of our daughters would be on vacation with all 5 of our granddaughters, so it was kind of pointless. I must admit I'm a bit disappointed, however. Maybe we'll do it on our 30th. That gives me 5 years to take off some weight so I at least can look good in pictures. Although the wrinkles will be much more pronounced by then! And my hair will be completely gray.

Bill loves hair with color -- not blonde or brown or even a natural shade of red. No. He likes pink and blue and purple. Colors like that. And he makes a point of complimenting women when they've boldly added highlights or doused their entire heads in these colored dyes. He's wanted me to add pink to my hair for years. Or blue. Or green. He just thinks it's really pretty. 

A few years ago, I decided to go green with my hair and stop dying it. The result? A light blonde shade of gray. I actually like it. But yesterday, I decided to surprise Bill for our anniversary with a change. Pink highlights. Yes. Pink highlights. These are temporary, although I kind of wish they weren't. I like them. And Bill? Well, being a typical man (sorry, guys), he didn't even notice. Not until I said, "Do you notice anything different about me?" He got that sheepish I'm-in-trouble-I better-say-the-right-thing look on his face and looked at me. He was stumped so I told him. Once he was aware of them, he liked them. One of my friends cut him a break by saying, "Maybe it's because that's the way he's always seen you." Aww. Sweet. Or maybe it's because husbands just aren't all that observant when it comes to their wives. And maybe that is a good thing. Is it possible he doesn't notice the wrinkles, varicose veins, and extra fat around my middle? That's a pleasant thought.

Soon, we'll be heading out for the day to celebrate. Horseback riding is in the plans, so hopefully, the next time I check in with you guys, I won't have any broken bones!

Wishing you love (it comes in all types, shapes, and sizes) on this special day. A silver anniversary. Or shall I say, a pink one?

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