Wednesday, July 20, 2016

TaZa! Shatterproof, safe, and classy!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

If you've been following this blog for very long, you know I'm all about reusables. My husband and I have next to no trash each week, as we use limited amounts of disposable products. While I do have paper towels on hand, they are used sparingly and it takes us months to go through a single roll. 

When it comes to parties, you won't see us using disposable anything. We have plenty of metal plates and bowls for outside use (we even take them with us to picnics -- I know, we're weirdos), lots of non-plastic flatware, and plenty of glasses for water, tea, and wine. But now, we have something better than our old breakable wine glasses that are always at risk for shattering out on the brick patio. We have TaZa unbreakable 16 oz. wine glasses. Check these out:

TaZa 100% Tritan shatterproof drinkware has the stylish look of stemless wine glasses, yet the only thing you have to clean up when you drop one is the spilled liquid. No splinted glass everywhere! AND... they're so much classier than those red, blue, or yellow Solo cups everyone's so fond of, not to mention much more eco-friendly. This drinkware doesn't end up in the recycling bin or trash can. Just put them on the top rack of your dishwasher** and you're good to go for that next glass of wine!

**I discovered that the drinkware comes out of my dishwasher with a smeared, cloudy look. But that was easily resolved by rinsing them in vinegar (of course!). Now I simply wash them by hand and they look good as new each and every time I use them. And my experience is bond to be different than yours. It might be the eco-friendly dishwashing detergent I use. Or it might be my dishwasher.

After the company sent me a couple of sets to review, I decided to use the TaZa drinkware for cocktails at a recent patio party. The ladies loved them!

 I love what it says on the website:

"TaZa is committed to preserving the beauty of our Earth by reducing single-use plastics. Can we really justify using a plastic cup for a total of 30 minutes only to have it remain as trash on earth for 500 years? As a society, we need to be smarter than that."

Indeed, we do. And I know the members of the GG community agree. We are smarter than that. Sometimes it's just about the little changes we can make. Little changes that can make a huge difference!

Not a wine drinker? No problem. The TaZa shatterproof drinkware is perfect for any type of cold beverage for both adults and children. A step up from traditional plastic cups for kids, TaZa drinkware is BPA-free and EA-free. And now isn't that good news? 

Seriously, what's not to love about TaZa drinkware? I love it. And I'm confident you will, too. 

Learn more about this product and the other innovative products they offer at

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