Friday, July 15, 2016

Dr. Oz has me fuming... again!

I rarely watch Dr. Oz on TV. But it happened to come on yesterday and naturally the talk of apple cider vinegar piqued my interest. Seriously, Dr. Oz. Didn't anyone correct you the last time you touted the health benefits of ACV while using filtered apple cider vinegar?? I tried to tell you. But no, you didn't listen and now you're at it again.

The show focused on 101 uses for ACV. Great. Except it wasn't. First of all, I went on the website to read these 101 tips (they only had time for a few on the show) and discovered at least one duplicate. They have ACV listed as a fabric softener in tips #25 and #30. Doesn't anyone proof the website or check facts? I'm shaking my head here.

Second, I searched for the tips involving taking ACV internally to make sure they promoted the use of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. Nope. They did not. So all these people who are going to follow his advice and down filtered ACV are not going to experience the health benefits that only come from using vinegar with the mother (you know, that slimy stuff in the bottom of unfiltered ACV). What a joke. Plus, I noticed a tip for whitening teeth by rubbing apple cider vinegar on them. Ummm... no. That's a quick way to destroy your enamel. Shaking my head some more.

There was one more thing that really irked me. You can use distilled white vinegar in place of more expensive apple cider vinegar for most of the tips! Like fabric softener, for instance. I keep wishing I could place my faith in the good doctor, but once again, he proved to me it wouldn't be a good idea to do so. 

Dr. Oz, I think you need a staff who really takes their fact checking seriously. Until that happens, you'll continue to look like a fool. A rich fool, but a fool nonetheless.

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