Tuesday, April 26, 2016

PA Primary -- Doing my part

I'm heading out to vote in a little while. My husband just returned from doing the same and we were both discouraged to learn that, so far, voter turnout here in Ross Township in Allegheny County, PA was poor. 

In some ways, I get it. For many of us, this year's choices are dismal. Admittedly, in the past, I voted according to a single issue. That made it easy. However, I see a bigger picture now and can no longer depend on the voter guides of the past. 

Here's my dilemma:

  • I'm for candidates who are anti-Monsanto, et al and anti-fracking.
  • I'm for candidates who are against abortion. 

Good luck with that, huh? Someone who stands for the right of unborn humans to get a chance at life and stands for the rights of existing and future humans to get a chance for healthier lives, free from the environmental and health risks of glyphosate, GMOs, and fracking. Yikes.

So, I did my research and I'm off to vote. I'm registered with a party only because I want this opportunity to vote in the primaries. Otherwise, I'm independent and vote according to each candidate's platform. I know I will never find an ideal candidate who aligns with my hybrid political stance. But that doesn't give me an excuse not to vote. 

I hope you will not throw away the opportunity to vote, especially you women and people of color. Our ancestors fought hard so we could safely walk into a polling location and make our vote count. Today, I'm voting for all of them and for the future. 

What about you? Did you vote in the primaries or will you be voting? If not, why not?

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