Thursday, April 28, 2016

A simple homemade deodorant that WORKS!

Finding a safe and effective deodorant can be a real struggle for many of us. I tried one after the other and honestly only found one that worked for my husband and me. Then they changed the packaging and the formula and I no longer like it. The biodegradable cardboard container is difficult to use, but I would manage it somehow if the deodorant worked. But it doesn't and the mess around the top of the tube just isn't worth it. Too bad. The original packaging and formula worked well, although it did stain lighter clothing. Again, I was willing to put up with that in exchange for not offending people with my B.O.!

I've read lots of articles about how to make my own deodorant, but it all seemed too complicated. So I came up with my own formula. And guess what -- it works! All the time, every time. I couldn't be more thrilled. And as one who doesn't shower or bathe daily (I see no reason to do so), I'm excited to say that I don't need to apply my "deodorant" every day either. **UPDATE: Lindsay, one of the GG community members, let me know that she does this, too, but every once in awhile she develops little red bumps (especially after shaving) and has to stop until they go away. She just switches to crystal deodorant for a bit. I've not had a reaction yet, but it's good to know it can happen.**

So what is this magic formula? I know you're dying to find out.

It's quite simple actually. I place a small amount of baking soda in the palm of my hand and add an equal amount of coconut oil. I mix it into a paste and apply it under my arms with my fingers. Then I wash my hands. That's it. Safe, non-toxic, effective, and cheap!

I even made up a batch in a small container to take with me on all these trips lately. 

My arm pits and I have never been happier! And nothing in this formula is going to give me breast cancer! Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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