Friday, January 8, 2016

Make vinegar a priority in 2016

Generally, I write my Vinegar Fridays posts on the first Friday of the month. But since that was New Year's Day, I opted to push it back a week. In going with this week's theme of prioritizing things in 2016, I thought it was perfect to include vinegar.

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Of course, the best way to make vinegar a priority this year is to buy a copy of my book, VINEGAR FRIDAYS if you don't already have it... just a thought.

Here are some ways to make vinegar a part of your daily routine this year. Click on the links for more information:

And there are dozens of ways vinegar can be used to replace other toxins in your home. The book is full of tips to help you have a healthier and safer place to live. And check back each month for another installment of Vinegar Fridays. 

Vinegar. It does a body good (and other things as well).

Keeping it green with vinegar,

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