Monday, January 4, 2016

Make recycling a priority in 2016

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post

As we start off the first week of the new year, I want to encourage you to make a commitment to recycling more in 2016. If we're honest, we all have room for improvement here. Maybe you haven't started recycling your mail. Most communities have drop off boxes for paper recycling. There are guidelines on the side of the receptacles you need to adhere to, such as, don't drop off your paper in a plastic bag! I also recommend either blacking out or cutting out your name and address from everything you recycle. 

While the price for recycled aluminum has dropped dramatically, it's still smart to recycle it anyway. If you don't have curbside recycling, there are lots of places that recycle all sorts of metals and glass, and they pay you for it. Maybe it's a bit inconvenient, but isn't the planet worth it?

In the UK, waste balers are the perfect recycling option for companies, and can actually reduce a company's cardboard and plastic waste by as much as 90%. Not bad. Miltek balers have 60 locations worldwide, including 9 in the UK alone. So, while a commitment to personal recycling is important, it's also important for companies and corporations to jump on board. Like I said, a waste baler is a perfect option. Whether your company purchases their own waste baler, hires a waste baling company, or buys a refurbished baler, the end result is the same: less trash in the landfill. And that's a good thing. 

Let's all work together to make 2016 the year of the least waste possible. I'm in. How about you?

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