Monday, December 28, 2015

Piles of laundry, dirty dishes, and unmatched socks

Well, that's it. Unless you're planning to celebrate Orthodox Christmas on January 7th, all the hustle and bustle of Christmas 2015 is over and done with. Now you simply have to face the challenges of where to put all the new toys, DVDs, stuffed animals, games, etc. that, even though everyone said they were cutting back, are piled high under the tree. Or maybe you're ahead of the game and everything is already in its place. Kudos to those of you with the energy and organizational skills necessary to have accomplished that. 

Image by Peter Kratochvil

If you're like many other moms, however, not only are the toys piled high, but so is the laundry. You might even be behind on your chores and the dishes just might be stacking up on the counter and in the sink. Sound familiar?

Now let's talk about Christmas break for the kiddos. They're thrilled to be home, but if you're honest, there's a part of you that just can't wait for school to be back in session. After all, your schedule has lost its equilibrium. The time you normally spend with your toddler has to be shared with your second-grader. Baby's naptime, which is normally your time, is now filled up with the sound of Disney tunes being sung, a little off-key, by your 6-year-old. And let's not forget your college freshman who is home on break after experiencing his first taste of freedom for the past few months. Remind me again why you couldn't wait for him to come home...

Wow, Green Grandma, you're being awfully cynical today, aren't you?

Sorry, I don't mean to be. After all, I no longer have children living at home. But I remember what it was like. And I know enough young moms to know that a bit of this is ringing true to some of you. Our idea of perfection is challenged at best during the holidays. And, if we spend any time at all on Pinterest, forget it. We see ourselves as complete and utter failures.

Take heart, my friends. There are no perfect moms out there, despite what you see on Pinterest or Facebook. That flawlessly coiffed mom at church with her five perfectly dressed and well-mannered little ones? Well, you weren't at her house an hour before Sunday School, were you? 

We're all able to present a pulled together front, complete with matching socks and all. But that doesn't reveal everything, does it? 

I'm here to tell you you're doing okay... even if there isn't a clean fork to be found, or matching socks for that matter. Heck, at this point, you might be lucky if you can find matching shoes for everyone in the family (many things get buried under the holiday happenings!). Hang in there! And as you embrace your family's and your imperfections, take some time to laugh, play games, and sing along with the little ones, even if you, too, are a bit off-key. Believe me, years from now, what everyone will remember is the fun you had, not the unchecked chores on your to-do list. Eventually, everything will be back in order.

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