Thursday, December 3, 2015

Big bee-saving news!

We did it! Thanks to all of you who let your voice be heard, Home Depot has agreed to eliminate neonicotinoids from its garden plants! You know, those nasty bee-killing pesticides we've been fighting against. This is HUGE! And Home Depot just reunited with a former customer... me.

We swarmed them and they responded! How cool is that?? But it wasn't just our voices that swayed them. It was the science behind our demands. The bottom line: they care enough to do something about it. As does Lowe's. 

But don't rush out and blindly buy your plants from them come spring, as the total elimination of neonicotinoids won't be happening until 2018. To date, 80% of their plants are free from the pesticide, but you have to ask which ones are safe and which ones aren't.

With Lowe's and Home Depot on board, it's time we swarm two other big garden retailers and demand that they act on this important bee-saving issue as well. Now's the time for Ace and True Value to up their game because Lowe's and Home Depot are proving you can cultivate plants without neonicotinoids.

Jump on board, folks, and sign the petition. Make your voice heard. The bees in your neighborhoods will thank you. 

And so do I!

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