Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Answer: This non-toxic solution will kill ants

Question: What is vinegar.

How about a vinegar tip on a non-Friday?

Photo by Ken Kistler
Yesterday morning, my husband dropped a piece of sausage on the floor of the porch. It was under the table and he forgot about it. This morning, when I carried my cup of coffee outside, I discovered this moving blob. It was the unrecognizable piece of sausage covered with small brown ants. There were probably one thousand of them. It looked like something out of a horror movie (on a much, much smaller scale, of course). I watched as trails of ants marched to and fro and crawled all over that nasty piece of meat. What could I do?

I went inside and grabbed a bottle of distilled white vinegar. I poured it directly onto the ant-covered sausage as well as the trails of ants. When I checked back a half hour later, there wasn't an ant in sight. Vinegar does it again. No toxic bug spray. Just vinegar. Almost worthy of a book, don't you think? 

Oh wait, there already is a book. I highly recommend buying one, if you haven't already. And if you turn to page 54, you'll not only read my poem dedicated to ants, but you'll see my vinegar remedies for all sorts of creepy crawlers!

You can read reviews here and purchase the book here. And right now, you can pick up the book for just $6.99! Help support your favorite green grandma. :-)

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