Tuesday, May 19, 2015

March Against Monsanto this coming Saturday!

Monsanto's squirming a bit. After all, thanks to people like you and me, their name is being dragged through the pesticide-laden mud. Let's keep it up. 

Pittsburgh March Against Monsanto 2014

This coming Saturday, May 23, 2015, you have the opportunity to join the March Against Monsanto. My family and I will be marching in Pittsburgh, PA. If you are in the area, please try to join us. I will be marching for the Vietnam vets and their families who have been affected by Monsanto's Agent Orange

Enough is enough! I'm tired of sitting back and allowing Monsanto and its cronies continue to poison people around the world. I'm tired of paying more so I don't have to consume their poison. I'm tired of not knowing what is in conventional foods. I'm tired of poor health, food allergies, obesity, and more. I'm tired of Monsanto. And you should be, too.

Make your voice be heard. Join the movement. Join the march.

Click here for worldwide locations and times.

Click here to follow the March Against Monsanto on Facebook.

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