Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A wooden watch... hmmm...

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Watches. I used to have a whole selection and wore them every day. Eventually, as batteries died and cellphones became the norm, I stopped wearing them. After all, I could always check my cellphone if I needed to know the time. Anyone else identify with me on that?

Well, I'm a new convert to wearing a watch. Awhile ago, the folks at asked me if I'd be interested in reviewing one of their watches. Of course! I checked out the website and chose the Ely watch in black. I was quite pleased when it arrived carefully packaged in a beautiful wooden box.

Of course, as a writer, the most important thing about the watch for me was the comfort. After all, I'm chopping away at a keyboard for the majority of my day and if the watch isn't comfortable, I'm taking it off. Naturally, I don't have to wear a watch while in my office, as the time is always displayed on my computer screen. But when I'm in and out, it's nice to put it on in the morning and keep it on. 

With the JORD Ely watch, it's not an issue. This natural wood watch is so lightweight and comfortable, it's easy to forget that I'm even wearing it. As a matter of fact, it took awhile for me not to reach into my purse for my phone when someone would ask me what time it was. I forgot I was wearing it.

And check out how attractive it is. I'm not a small woman. At 5'9", I often find dainty jewelry to look off-balanced. The Ely looks great on my wrist. Don't you think so?

The real test for me came over the weekend. I was on the faculty for the annual Pennwriters Conference in Pittsburgh, which meant I was conducting writing workshops. In the past, when doing so, I had to rely on my phone, constantly illuminating the screen to see how I was doing on time so I could wrap up the session without leaving anything out.

At Pennwriters Conference. Photos by Heather Desuta

However, at this conference, my phone remained in my bag. I just glanced down at my wrist whenever necessary and I paced the workshops so we were able to finish on time. It was wonderful. I didn't realize how much I'd missed wearing a watch.

Of course, I've had quite a few compliments on the watch. It's unique, attractive, functional, and is made with sustainability in mind. I love that each watch is slightly different in that the wood grains can vary. 

JORD features a wide variety of designs for both men and women in a nice assortment of woods and face colors. From the simplest of designs ($120) to ones that are more complex ($295), there is something for every taste and budget. 

And did I mention comfortable? Oh yeah, I did. But it's so worth mentioning again! Comfort, design, and natural materials. This watch deserves highest praise from me. With Father's Day right around the corner, slip one onto your husband's or father's wrist and you're the one who will be on the receiving end of high praise. You really can't go wrong.

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  1. This watch looks SO nice! I love the wood look, and the braiding looks wonderful.
    My son loves watches, so when he gets a little older I may just have to order one of these for him. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to pin this to my Pinterest board to show my friends!


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