Monday, September 8, 2014

What do baby showers, hand sanitizers, and stupidity have in common?

Want to hear something horrifying? In 2008, my daughter, Bethany, and I threw a baby shower for my youngest daughter, Jessica. This was before I became a grandma, much less Green Grandma. Of course, we used all the wasteful paper and disposable shower products. It looked cute, but I cringe at the wastefulness of it all.

But here's the worst part. Do you know what we gave as favors? Bath & Body Works purse-sized hand sanitizers!! Seriously. We did. With them came the admonition that everyone better use them before touching the baby once she got here. After all, we wanted the baby to be safe from germs. 

Isn't that hideous?!

We also gave full-size bottles of Bath & Body Works liquid hand soap... you know the stuff loaded with triclosan and a bunch of other carcinogens and toxins.** Yikes!

My daughter filled out a form for Laura's school -- she's now in kindergarten -- stating that Laura is "chemical sensitive." The teacher is not to use the school's hand sanitizer on Laura, nor is Laura to use the soap in the restroom. She carries her own sanitizer and soap. 

Is Jessica being overly cautious and a bit ridiculous? Do others have a valid reason to roll their eyes at her or to blame her wacko tree-hugging mom? I don't think so.

How about checking out this excellent article by Kirsten Hudson, which appeared last year on the website, Organic Authority. If you're wondering what the big fuss is about hand sanitizer, this is the one to read. Click here to read: Not So Handy: The Dangers of Using Hand Sanitizer.

Maybe you'll be able to skip a similar embarrassing story from your past!

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** Rumor has it that Bath & Body Works has removed triclosan from its hand sanitizers and soaps, but I could not confirm this. As always, read the labels!

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