Monday, September 29, 2014

It's about the corn

I'll tell you what. I've really enjoyed eating corn-on-the-cob this summer, which is pretty awesome since I had almost given up on it. You see, I will NOT eat conventional corn because of the GMOs and it was difficult to find non-GMO corn. But when I did (thank you, Freedom Farms), I went out of my way to buy it nearly every week.

As autumn is upon us, I'm being challenged to do something I've never done. Freeze corn. I know that if I don't take the time to do it now, I will not be eating corn again until next summer. Yikes! The problem is, I don't have a whole lot of time right now. I over-packed my schedule and I'm operating a little bit on panic mode. So how am I going to find the time to freeze corn?

But what if I don't find the time? It's a real dilemma.

My mom froze corn. I'd love visiting her in the middle of winter and she'd pull some lovely Silver Queen corn out of the freezer that she'd frozen the summer before. But I never took the time to learn how she did it. I took for granted that when the time came for me to start freezing corn, she'd be around to help. 

Well, she's not. And now I'm on my own to figure it out for myself. 

So, if you have a good method for freezing corn and you'd like to share it with me, please do so in the comments below. My mom would appreciate it. So would I.

Trying to plan ahead,

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