Monday, September 15, 2014

Have you ever heard of balers for recycling?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Years ago, when my husband was still working, he was appalled by the waste created by the company and came up with a plan for recycling that ended up saving the company quite a bit of money. His company made interior parts for airplanes and locomotives and there was always plenty of plastic waste. Of course, most every company has an enormous amount of cardboard waste as well, which is why something like balers for recycling could be an invaluable resource. Compacting cardboard waste would save so much space onsite as well as reduce the environmental impact that is a given in most manufacturing plants.

Balers for recycling are not only made for cardboard, however. They also work with hard plastics, EPS, farm waste, tires, and glass! They remind of the trash compactors many people used to have in their homes. My husband even had a compactor in his old kitchen. I'm now wondering why we're not still using them, so I looked it up and discovered they're still sold for home use. Some people say the home trash compactors aren't eco-friendly, however, because the trash is so tightly compacted, it takes much longer for it to decompose in the landfill. But it would be really good for someone to use for their recycling, especially if you don't have curbside pickup or you pay by the bin and your family fills more than one bin. Just a thought.

In the meantime, I think balers for their recycling would be an excellent thing for companies and manufacturers to look into.

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