Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy birthday to me!

Photo by George Hodan

Today is my birthday. In the last year, I've gained new friends and lost old pounds. Sounds like a good year, don't you think?

I was born to a mother who did not want me. Really. She told me so over martinis one night about nine years ago. I was shocked and hurt. I'm sure it's not something she ever intended to say to me, but with martinis and such...

At least she told me my dad wanted me.

The thing is, she didn't like getting fat. A chubby adolescent, Mom worked hard on her figure as a young adult. After she had my sisters, she was back to being a bit overweight. After losing the baby fat, the last thing she wanted was to gain it back again. So, after finding out she was pregnant with me, she dieted. In the end, she only gained 8 pounds during her pregnancy. She drank. She smoked. She dieted. And after I was born, she left the hospital 15 pounds lighter than when she got pregnant. 

Good for her. Bad for me. I've suffered a lifetime of sickness and I blame most of it on my time in the womb. 

Of course, my mom didn't know any better and I don't blame her for my health issues. And I don't blame her for not wanting me. Not all of us are thrilled when we find out we're pregnant. Just because I wasn't planned does not mean I wasn't loved. I was. Without doubt.

My birthday wish for you, dear reader, is that you embrace the path God sends your way -- whether it includes pregnancy or not -- and that you celebrate the wonder of you, whatever size you are. You are beautiful. You're wonderful. You're a precious gift to the world.

Celebrate my birthday with me by celebrating the wonder of YOU!

With love,


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