Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Improving grades and behavior... without spending a fortune!

Have you heard about "smart fats?" Smart fats are thought to help with attention, learning, memory, behavior and higher test scores in children. Studies show that children who eat fish at least twice weekly have higher grades and test scores than those who don't. Of course, we're not talking highly processed frozen fish sticks, etc. 

Feeding your kids fish is not the only way to take advantage of the consistent findings from a whole slew of research studies related to this. The key is supplying them with omega-3 fatty acids, or so-called "smart fats." Dr. Keri Marshall wrote a chapter in the book, Amazing Grades! 101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster, which included the following information:
  • Our brains are comprised of 60% fat with gray matter making up approximately 45% of total brain fat
  • Approximately 30% of the gray matter is made of DHA
  • Omega-3s make up a part of every cell membrane in your body
The logical conclusion from the above facts is that in order for the brain and nervous system to develop and function properly, everyone needs omega-3s and DHA. Dr. Marshall presented these findings:
  • Attention and behavior. Based on research from the University of South Australia, 132 children (ages 7-12) with ADHD who took fish oil capsules were "calmer, less impulsive, and showed improvements in attention, behavior, and vocabulary." Further study revealed that, after 5 months, "unruly children who took fish oil supplements showed improved behavior, concentration, and bonding, as well as the equivalent of nearly nine months' improvement in expressive language ability."
  • Grades and test scores. A British study found that 184 teenagers attending a school for the behaviorally challenged, who were given fish oil supplements for a period of 12 weeks prior to taking standardized tests, exceeded expected results by one full grade.
  • Learning and literacy. A study in 2007 of 355 children, ages 6-9, found that verbal learning and spelling ability improved in those who were taking fish oil supplements on a consistent basis. Additionally, these children retained information better and missed fewer sick days from school. In more recent years, another study of 90 7-12 year old kids with ADHD concluded that DHA supplements helped to improve reading and spelling, as well as reduced behavioral problems.
  • Memory and problem solving. Children whose moms included enough healthy fats while pregnant are destined to score higher on tests of memory function.
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