Friday, January 4, 2013

The first Vinegar Friday of the new year

Theo (my one-eared Siberian Forest Cat) and Vincent (my Ragdoll) Van Gogh


So... any vinegar resolutions for the new year? Replacing commercial cleaners with vinegar? Rinsing your hair with vinegar? Keeping ice off of your windshield with vinegar? Reducing acid reflux with vinegar?

There are so many awesome uses for vinegar. I guess that's why I wrote the book, Vinegar Fridays. If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend it. (little plug there).

Here's a vinegar tip right out of the book for you. 

Have you noticed your pet's skin drying out with the cold weather? Is it flaking? Is her fur lacking in luster? If so, reach for the apple cider vinegar. Since you don't want to risk them catching a chill, here's a quick solution in lieu of an actual bath (and it works for all of your furry friends, not just dogs!):

Grab a hand towel and pour undiluted ACV on it. Then give your pet(s) a good rubdown. Yes, they'll smell like vinegar for a bit. But the scent will dissipate as they dry. The end result will be soothed skin and a fluffier coat. Take my word for it. It works. And since it is Friday, I think I'll celebrate by giving my kitties an ACV rubdown of their own.

Vincent! Theo! 

Enjoy your Vinegar Friday!

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