Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Review it Wednesday... it's a little bit crunchy

I just ate the most delicious trail mix ever! It's the Energy Trail Mix Xspresso Berry Blast. Ridiculously yummy. Right on the front of the 1.5 oz. bag is says "Caffeine + B-Vitamins + Great Taste. Oh yeah. Inside were pistachios, almonds, dried cranberries, peanuts, dark chocolate covered espresso beans, pecans, dark chocolate flavored drops. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be available in stores (if you find them, please let me know).

So, how did I come upon this little bag of yumminess? Well... it was in December's Crunchy Crate that showed up on my doorstep on Monday. I was so excited when the package arrived and I was able to tear into it and discover this month's goodies. Now I'm hooked and want the monthly deliveries to keep coming!

This crate was a gift from Ayieta, who is the creative force behind Crunchy Crate, a monthly subscription-based company that introduces its subscribers to a myriad of natural products each month. In addition to the awesome crates, there is also a wealth of information on Ayieta's blog, which even includes a shout out to Vinegar Fridays this month. Why is that? Because the book was included in some of December's shipments.

When I opened my box, the first thing I noticed, wrapped securely beside the actual recycled cardboard 'crate,' was a 16 oz. bottle of organic, raw, unfiltered ACV. Yippee! Since I already take it daily, I was thrilled to have another bottle to put up in my cupboard for when my current supply runs out. Score one for Crunchy Crate!

I then opened the lid of the box and pulled aside the tissue paper. Inside was an array of goodies, sure to make any of us crunchy grandmas super happy (crunchy or semi-crunchy everyone elses would be super happy, too!). Here's what I found:
  • 8 fl. oz. can of Nutrilite Antioxidant Juice
  • a 4-pack of herbs and spices, including organic dried chili peppers, organic ground cinnamon, Reishi mushroom, and something called Double E Immunity Booster (nettle leaf, peppermint leaf, echinacea root, echinacea tops, elderberries, ginseng root, and rosehips)
  • 2 oz. jar of Satin Blends Almond Cherry Body Cream (you wouldn't believe how wonderful this smells!)
  • 1.1 fl. oz. bottle of Tom's of Maine Lavender Natural Moisturizing Body Wash
  • 2 Dagoba Organic Chocolate squares (.32 oz Lavender Blueberry)
  • Nail polish bottle size of Calendula & Lavender Cuticle Oil
  • 4 oz. bar of Naturally Tressed Winter Wonderland Homemade Soap
  • Duafe Herbal Complex Hair Tea (check out the wonderful hair care recipe using these herbs and ACV on Ayieta's blog)
  • 8 coupons for Simply Organic products ($6 total value)
 See why I was excited about my Crunchy Crate delivery?! What a great way to be introduced to a wide range of products that are healthy for you, your family and the environment. I love the tagline for CC, too -- "Expanding Natural Lifestyles one crate at a time."

I can't tell you how much I would love a yearly subscription to Crunchy Crate (hint, hint)! The delivery was definitely a bright spot in my day!

In addition to subscriptions, Crunchy Crate also offers gift baskets starting at $25 ($26 for vegan only). This is a company I highly recommend that you check out.

Crunchy Crate, you deserve Green Grandma's two green thumbs up award! Innovative, affordable and best of all, crunchy!


  1. How fun! I haven't looked into it at all, but I'm guessing they don't ship to Canada?

    What a great idea for Christmas!

  2. Wait, I just checked... Free shipping to Canada with membership! That's awesome! And for what you get it's a pretty good deal.

    1. It really is. The other boxes included a book as well (some of them had VF and others had another vinegar book). Really good deal!

  3. Oh, this looks awesome! I've been meaning to try one of these. Thanks for the review! Heading over to check out their site now.

    1. Thanks, Sarah. I hope you liked what you discovered there.

  4. I love crunchy crate! Great product at a great price.

    1. I wish I'd learned about it in time for Christmas giving.

  5. So much fun! This does look like a great subscription! How exciting that you book was included!


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