Monday, December 3, 2012

Getting sidetracked, experiencing something lovely, and making memories

Laura with her Pap Pap.

I woke up this morning with so many things on my mind... so many things I wanted to share with you. But then, I was inspired by an idea for a new book, which I had to start writing immediately. Does that ever happen to you? You are planning one thing, and then inspiration strikes and you abort your plans for a different mission for the day? 

Actually, that happens to me a lot, and not always in the creative arena. Sometimes it's as simple as, I think I'll clean the bathroom and I'll go to do that when I see the current novel I'm reading on the shelf beside the tub, I pick it up, start reading and before I know it, it's too late to clean the bathroom because I have other things that need to be done. Sound familiar?

Getting sidetracked. It happens all the time. I must admit, I am a bit envious of the people I know who are single-minded. They have a job to do and they do it. Nothing interrupts their goal. That's not me, folks. I am, perhaps, the most scattered person I know. Too many interests. Too many goals. Too many things that simply don't get done.

One of the things I wanted to share with you today had to do with a baby shower I attended on Saturday. It was such a unique and lovely shower, that I thought it worthy of writing about. First of all, it was nothing like your typical cutesy baby shower full of paper products in pastels and cute little plastic favors. Now you know, I'm going to appreciate this! The only disposables used at the shower were paper napkins. There was cider, hot chocolate and a large urn of ice water with lovely glass cups. The cookie and cupcake table was adorned with candlewick plates and trays. Beautiful. 

And the whole approach was different as well. It was a drop-in shower at the mama-to-be's home. Erin sat with an empty chair beside her and opened each gift with the giver sitting beside her as she opened it. Then the gifts were displayed in the nursery (which is painted a lovely shade of grey for her baby girl). Yes, I know I'm using the word 'lovely' a lot. It can't be avoided. Everything about the shower was lovely. 

Don't you agree that this is a wonderful idea? It was classy, simple and eco-friendly. Did I mention this was for my pastor's wife? How cool is that?

Another highlight of the weekend was Bill and my visit to Ten Thousand Villages with our 4-year-old granddaughter, Laura. She bought Christmas presents for her mommy and little sister-to-be. 

Laura at Ten Thousand Villages in Pittsburgh

Then we headed over for an amazingly fun evening at Kennywood park for their Holiday Lights. The park was beautifully lit and Laura had a blast on the rides. Then she slept for not one, but two nights, delighting her to pieces ("I had two sleepovers at Green Grandma's," she bragged at church on Sunday).

It was a good weekend. Are we decorated for Christmas yet? No. This is, by far, the latest we've ever decorated, but what does it really matter. We're spending our time doing important things... like making memories. 

I hope your weekend included some good memories as well.

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