Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How safe is your carpet cleaning company?

Occasionally, I find a business I would like to patronize, but it's in a different city or state and just not cost effective (or possible). For instance, I would really like to have the few carpets I have in my home cleaned. But the commercial carpet cleaners all use toxins that would put me in bed for a week or more. Even the carpet cleaners you can rent at the grocery store are just chemical cocktails that are simply unhealthy. The dirt in my carpet is much healthier than the crap in cleaners. 

Carpet and upholstery cleaners are so full of toxins, it is even suspected by some that it is what led to the Kawasaki disease that killed John Travolta and Kelly Preston's son. Kawasaki disease may be associated with immune system failure, which affects the skin, mucuos membranes, lymph nodes, blood vessel walls, and ultimately, the heart. While doctors/researchers suspect that the disease is genetic, there is also strong leanings indicating an environmental connection. Just like chemical exposure triggers my Epstein Barr Virus Syndrome and fibromyalgia, chemical toxins may be what indirectly caused Jett Travolta's death. 

Apparently, the Travoltas did a lot of carpet cleaning while Jett was a youngster. And why not? As parents, we want to have a safe, clean environment for our kids. Unfortunately, in our attempts to keep our homes germ-free, too many of us turn, or turned, to chemically-laden cleaners. 

Why am I telling you this? To encourage you to steer clear of the commercial carpet and upholstery cleaners and cleaning companies... unless they are certified green products/companies. And please, do not go around saying that Green Grandma said that Jett Travolta was killed by carpet cleaners! It is just speculation. But it is speculation with enough evidence to make me weary of carpet cleaning companies.

Of course, I have found safe spot cleaners and I rely pretty heavily on distilled white vinegar for small areas of my carpet and upholstery. But I wish Pittsburgh had a company like Green Choice. Green Choice is as carpet and upholstery cleaning company that services the following areas (lucky you, if you live in one of these):
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Long Island
  • Manhattan
  • The Bronx
  • Staten Island
  • New Jersey
  • Westchester
  • Long Island
  • Connecticut
Green Choice is a Certified Green Cleaner and was voted 'The Best Carpet Cleaning NYC Company.'

So this is just a shout out to a company that cares... about families and about the environment. If you live in one of the areas they service, and you're looking for carpet or upholstery cleaning New York, New Jersey or Connecticut, call them! 1-888-313-9150

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in which I received monetary compensation. 

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  1. Doesn't the carpet in the bathroom get really yucky? Like wet all the time and moldy? To me it just seems like the strangest, most irrational place for a carpet :-) I can understand that it can be cost in bedrooms though! Here, carpet went out of fashion 30 years ago, and hasn't come back since.


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