Saturday, November 17, 2012

This month, the Weekend Quote is Hana's quote

From Chapter 1 of Vinegar Fridays... in case you were wondering Who is Green Grandma:

"But there is quite a bit more to Green Grandma than just vinegar. On the first anniversary of the blog, which fell on a Vinegar Friday in August, I addressed the question I received from an irate reader who didn't understand why I posted something she didn't think fit the environmental angle of the blog. I explained what my intentions were as Green Grandma.

Green -- I care about the incredible creation God has entrusted to us, His children. While I am not a part of any huge environmental activist groups, I am doing what I can to encourage others to make common sense choices in their daily lives that will be beneficial to the environment. 

Grandma -- Aha! Here is where the broader spectrum of my blog comes in. As a grandma, I care about more than just the environment. I care about products that can harm children (and adults, as well). I care about marriages, about emotional issues, about health... the list goes on and on and so do the topics I cover. My goal is to touch your lives in some way with each posting. If I have made you laugh, cry, get angry, toss something in the recycling bin instead of the trash, choose organic and natural products, start using cloth diapers, or tell someone you love them, I have achieved my purpose. Oh, and if you've reached for the vinegar instead of the Windex, that's an added bonus!"

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