Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chapter 9 The F-Word

I thought perhaps you would all enjoy a glimpse into the soon-to-be-released book. So here is Chapter 9.

The F-word

I know, you don’t want to say it out loud. But any book on vinegar that is worth its weight in gallon jugs has to address this issue. Fat. There, I said it. Fat. Fat. Fat.

I am sitting at Panera Bread as I write this and I just bit into a lovely cinnamon pastry. Thank God for ACV and its amazing fat-burning properties! I know, this is utterly irresponsible of me, but at least I am being honest … and enjoying every last bite! Yum.

I gleaned the following ACV facts from books written by Dr. Ann Louise, otherwise known as the “First Lady of Nutrition.” You can find out more about her books and natural remedies on her website.

• ACV is effective as a fat burner. Why? Because it helps to keep sodium and potassium levels in balance. Just a couple ounces a day can suppress your appetite and reduce bloating.

• ACV is effective in jump-starting your metabolism. It also helps to dissolve fats because of the acetic acid that slows the absorption of carbs as it affects carbohydrate metabolism. This prevents the carbs from being stored as fat. Research shows that ACV can also lower blood sugar by up to 30 percent! Again, that helps to inhibit fat metabolism because of lower insulin levels.

• ACV can help whittle the waist. Some people found they dropped inches faster than pounds when they used ACV for weight loss. That is because the high potassium levels help to rid tissues of excess water from too much sodium.

• ACV, taken daily, can work to detoxify your body. As a blood purifier, acetic acid aggressively chases the bad toxins right out of your system. Bye, bye.

An added incentive, if you are still on the edge here, is ACV sheds the body of cellulite. Really. It does. Or at least, that is what Dr. Ann Louise says. As a matter of fact, that’s her favorite part of this whole weight loss with vinegar element. Again, it is about blood sugar control. Insulin promotes fat, so if you keep your blood sugar in check, your insulin level will return the favor by inhibiting fat promotion. Sounds good to me.

Here is a bonus tip, if cellulite is a problem for you:

Grab your loofahs and your bottle of apple cider vinegar and scrub away. The stimulation to your circulation will help rid your body of that nasty dimpling. And if you want to stop cellulite in its tracks, eliminate salt, food additives, caffeine and alcohol from your diet. And good luck with that! Even I am foregoing that suggestion!

Of course, as always, common sense has to come into play here, too. ACV is not a miracle potion that will take you from fat to fabulous without a bit of effort on your part. That means exercise and a reasonable diet. Period. But the ACV will speed up the weight-loss process.

When taken internally, it is essential to use only organic raw unfiltered
apple cider vinegar. I buy the Bragg brand at my local grocery store.

For some, the easiest way to work apple cider vinegar into their diets is simply to add a couple of tablespoons to a glass of water and drinking it. If you can’t quite stomach that, replacing your fat-based ranch or Thousand Island dressing with apple cider vinegar and olive oil will do the trick. Both ACV and olive oil act as blood-sugar stabilizers, so if you are diabetic, or pre-diabetic, like thousands of others, this solution can be an effective one.

Up until recently, I found it easiest to take a couple tablespoons of ACV straight, followed by 8 – 16 ounces of water. Some people add a tablespoon of honey to the vinegar/water cocktail, to sweeten it and make it more palpable.

Today, before sitting down to work on this book, I discovered a new, and delicious, way to include ACV in my morning routine. I took my usual spoonfuls, but instead of chasing them down with a glass of water, I bit into a hardboiled egg. It was surprisingly good! I followed the first tablespoon with another … and another. Yum. Of course, this isn’t an option for those of you who practice a vegan lifestyle, but for the rest of us, mangia! This is fabulous.

The acid in vinegar is very hard on tooth enamel,
so no matter how you take it,
it is important for you to rinse out your mouth thoroughly
or brush your teeth immediately afterwards.


That's it for that chapter. Can't wait to announce the release of the book!

Be kind to each other,


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  1. Wonderful info! Thanks for sharing a sneak peak with us!

  2. I tried very hard, but I just can't take ACV as a liquid, but I discovered ACV pills, so now I swallow the pill whole. Do you think it's as healthy?

    1. taking pills is not at all healthy. please stop it immediatly.

    2. Anonymous-- can you give us some more info than that? Why is it not at all healthy?

  3. Good question, Tina. Unfortunately, I don't have a definitive answer for you. Taking the pills would give you many of the same benefits as drinking the liquid, but I can't give you any statistics on why the liquid is better. It certainly won't hurt, however. Keep in mind, these are just my observations, as I'm not a medical professional.

    Thanks for asking.


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