Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New to you ... and to me, too!

It's Review It Wednesday and today it's all about what Amy Boehme of Minneapolis did with an idea.

You see, Amy loved to shop at garage sales (a woman after my own heart). She also wanted to start a business someday. Passion + drive = magic! At least, that's the way I look at it.

Amy is the owner of New to You Clothing. Oh, another resale shop, you may be thinking. What's so special about that? What's special about it is that you don't have to get dressed, fix your hair/makeup, strap the kiddos in their carseats and drive to the shop. You simply pop open your laptop and shop in the luxury of your home/office/backyard ... wherever. But don't think you're going to have to pay premium prices for this premium concept. Nope. Amy offers garage sale prices on gently used kids' clothes. And shipping in the U.S. is beyond reasonable. $2.50 for the first item, with a 50 cents charge per additional item. Or, you can fill a box for a flat rate price of $10.95 for a medium USPS box, or $14.95 for a large one. Of course, bulky items might run a bit more, but overall, the S/H costs are quite low compared to other sites.

It all started with a need to sell her first child's clothing. Living in a small apartment, Amy simply didn't have the space to store clothes in case they had another girl. So she started listing her clothes, in lots, on Craigslist. While some things sold, this was not an ideal situation. Then one day, after considering the recommendation of a repeat customer, Amy launched her New to You Clothing website.

Here's what I like about it:
  • Convenient. Like I said, this is I'm looking grimy today, but it's okay kind of shopping. You can do it anywhere you have Internet access.
  • Cheap. With prices ranging from 50 cents to 15 dollars, this site gives Goodwill and garage saling a run for their money!
  • Categorized. Don't you hate having to search through Rubbermaid bins full of kids' clothing at garage sales? Or sorting through the racks at Goodwill, where there is no rhyme or reason to the placement of clothes? Amy has her site set up in such an orderly fashion, it is a delight to shop for clothing for your little one. Everything is categorized according to gender and size, with pictures and description of each item. I simply love this!
  • Clean. Amy carefully launders each item prior to listing it.
  • Cool. This is just a cool idea. Period.
  • Creative. I just adore creative minds.
Here are some of NTYC's current offerings:





I could go on and on about why I think this is an awesome business. But I'll let you decide that for yourself. While I've not yet ordered anything, I cannot testify as to the speed of delivery, etc., but after browsing through some of the posts on her Facebook wall, it looks like the folks are pretty darned satisfied with their dealings with Amy.

Now, who doesn't love a giveaway? Amy is graciously offering a $15 gift certificate to one lucky community member. Will it be you?

This time, in order to enter, I need for you to do two simple things:

'Like' the New to You Clothing FB page and post a message saying Green Grandma sent you. If you already 'like' their page, but haven't joined us in the GG community yet, simply 'like' my page and post a comment saying you want to win the NTYC gift certificate.

If you already 'like' both of us, just post a message on FB and let me know.

The winner will be chosen via after midnight on Monday, August 1st and posted here on the blog on Tuesday, August 2nd. Winner has 5 days to claim their prize. After that, another drawing will take place and an alternate winner will be named. As always, I will post a link on FB when the winner is announced.

Amy and I would both appreciate it if you would spread the word about this online garage sale. After all, who doesn't like a bargain ... and a giveaway?!

Sharing more good stuff with you,



  1. Did she happen to mention what she uses to wash the clothes? I have a dye/perfume allergy and sometimes that odor does not wash out. Great review, Hana.

  2. Thanks, Jill. No, she didn't, but I'll check and let you know. Have you tried Eco Nuts? That's all I use. I reviewed them awhile back. You can do a search on the site to learn more. Bethany and Jess are using them now as well.

  3. Is there a scent at all from the Eco Nuts? Does an "outdoor" smell mean no smell, just fresh? Can I come smell you. . .ha. . .just kidding.

  4. The closest thing to a scent is that the clothing smells slightly of being line-dried (which I love). But once it's dried in the dryer, there is no scent. Of course, when I dry stuff on the line, it all smells heavenly!! It's funny how it takes awhile to get used to the fact that 'clean' actually doesn't smell of wild flowers or lemons!!

  5. For me, no scent is clean. I hate scented stuff, except for the occasion candle. Thanks!


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