Monday, July 18, 2011

I married a Gravity HIll atheist

Jesus Laughing painting by Ralph Kozak

Switched things up a bit this week and decided to honor the Sabbath on Saturday instead of Sunday. Well, at least as far as not working goes.

My husband, Bill, and I drove out Rt. 30 E from Pittsburgh to Bedford, PA to meet my best friend, Dawn, and her husband, Scott, who traveled about the same distance on the turnpike from Lancaster County, PA. We antiqued, shopped, talked and laughed. My how we laughed! In the evening, we enjoyed a nice dinner before heading in opposite directions to our homes. I hated saying 'goodbye.'

Dawn and I are nearing our 50th anniversary as best friends, a distinction not shared by many. Throughout my life, Dawn has been my biggest supporter, affirming my choices, drying my tears, celebrating my accomplishments and always, always, building me up. When I see myself through Dawn's eyes, I can do remarkable things!

One thing we decided to do while in Bedford, was to drive the 12 or 13 miles to experience something known as Gravity Hill. Located a short drive from Schellsburg, PA (where we had dinner), Gravity Hill is a Central PA attraction that has been drawing visitors for decades. But let me tell you, my hubby was not impressed, which made the trip all the more fun for Dawn, Scott and me as our laughter over Bill's Gravity Hill atheism was almost painful.

When you arrive at the spot on a narrow windy road marked with "G H" you stop, put your car in neutral and watch what happens. Depending on how you've positioned your car, it either starts headin uphill going forward or backward. This "defying gravity" action has stumped many, but not Bill, who adamently proclaimed we were going downhill the whole time.

I have an issue with that. If we were, indeed, going downhill, what's the attraction? Why would people drive from miles away to experience this if, in reality, there was nothing to experience?

Is it an optical illusion? I don't know. But Bill certainly believes it is. Party pooper. To quote him, "This was right up there with the dumbest thing I've ever done in my life."

All we could do was laugh at him.

Sometimes, more than needing a day of rest, what we really need is a hearty dose of laughter. I'm betting Jesus enjoyed a bit of humor with his closest friends from time to time. And on Sunday, I couldn't help but to thank Him for the gift of friendship, laughter, and a natural phenomenon in the mountains of this beautiful state of Pennsylvania known as Gravity Hill. I wonder if He laughed along with us.

Sharing my Sabbath experience,


The following post is a YouTube video of Gravity Hill. Maybe it will make you a true believer!


  1. That's hilarious. Tell him to take you back and bring a level!

  2. He kept saying he should have brought one along!!

  3. Hana,

    I enjoyed this story. I can hear Bill saying that and I'm curious what the other dumbest thing was that he did. Your next adventure should be a visit to "The World of Pigeons!"

  4. Thanks, Jill! He never did tell us what the other stupid things measured up to this. I'll have to ask him.

    Where is "The World of Pigeons?"

  5. Ha. I'm disappointed in you-you can see it advertised on a barn along the turnpike-I think before Carlisle, but I can't remember exactly where. It's a really old barn with a hand painted "World of Pigeons" sign and a phone number.


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