Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An ERGO by any other name is simply not an ERGO!

Welcome to another Review It Wednesday. Today, I'm happy to have my daughter, Bethany, back as a guest reviewer. This time she's offering her opinion of the ERGObaby Carrier. Thanks, Bethany.

My beautiful daughter, Bethany, and her handsome son, Lincoln

I get asked a lot about what my favorite baby products are. I have found many products I love for different reasons but the ERGObaby Carrier is on the top of my list. The ERGObaby Carrier is one of those products that has been a lifesaver. Other than the fact that I can get tons of stuff done while wearing Lincoln, it's also great bonding time. He loves to be held and that is not always possible when I'm trying to do laundry, shopping or taking long walks on the beach. We just got back from vacation in North Carolina, and let me tell you, the ERGObaby Carrier was a staple on this trip. I worn Lincoln in the front carrying position while he napped as I walked along the beach. My husband, Tom, wore him on his back for another sunset walk down the beach, and I wore him for a full day touring an island with wild horses!

The ERGO work will work for everyone- including Dad...

There are some of the other great benefits to owning a ERGObaby Carrier. Your baby can nurse, sleep and take in the world all while being close to you. Mom can get a lot done while wearing baby, especially since, at times, it is instantly calming for a fussy baby. Plus, it's comfortable for both the parent and child. The ERGObaby Carrier is ergonomically designed to safely carry your child with the baby's weight evenly distributed, which means no soreness or discomfort for either of you!! I have worn Lincoln for hours at a time without any discomfort.

The ERGObaby Carrier is suitable from birth to toddlerhood and one size fits most adults. My husband and I both wear it without any problems. I can usually put Lincoln in it without assistance, unless I'm wearing him on my back. It's great if there is help available, but if not, I try to put him on over a couch for added safety.

ERGObaby Blue Sport Carrier

I love the multiple carrying positions. It can be used in the back carry, front carry (face-in only, your baby should never be worn face-out!), or the hip carry. They recommend the ERGObaby Carrier for babies up to 40 pounds but I've heard of people using them up to 90 lbs!! Yikes!! You need to check out all the options the ERGObaby Carrier comes in. Like the Performance, Sport, Original and Organic. With all the beautiful colors and accessories, I would love to own more than one!

Sharing another product review to help you decide what's best for you and your family,


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  1. I too love my Ergo for all of the same reasons! My only comment would be that I wasn't able to use it for as long as I would have liked to. My son loves being able to see everything and would struggle with me and complain while in the carrier as he got bigger. It became a struggle not worth fighting since the whole point is to have us both happy. Although I know that having them face out is not ergonomic, I also know that he would have been happy in the carrier for quite a few more months if he was able to face out and see the world. I have back problems so even with this experience, I would still not hesitate to get the Ergo and recommend it to others!

  2. I agree Bethany. I tried at least five other carriers before I finally got an Ergo and it's been our only carrier since we got it. Sadly I think it's price-prohibitive (that's why I didn't go for it first).

  3. Liz I agree about the price! I actually waited for it to come up on a "steal" site and I picked it up for 1/2 price!! Knowing what I know now, I would have paided full price for it to have it sooner than I did!


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