Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thoughts on Father's Day

My father and mother, Harold V. and Gene V. (Strickler) Haatainen

Father’s Day. A day to honor our fathers. A day to honor our Father. A time set apart to remember those dads who aren’t with us anymore.

How will you spend this special day? Dads -- will you delight in your God-given role as earthly fathers? Children -- will you surround your dads with the kind of love that only you can give? Doesn’t Dad deserve more than the obligatory tie this year? Teens -- how about giving him some of yourselves, some of your time? Take him out to eat, one on one. Tell him about your life, your goals, your dreams. Let him tell you about his. One of the greatest gifts that we can give is to truly listen to each other. Wives -- be his helpmate. Love him and thank him for being such a good dad. Give him a break. Go the extra mile for him (hasn’t he done that many times for you and the kids?)

Visit that man in the nursing home that sometimes doesn’t know who you are. After all, you know who he is -- he’s your dad. Remember when he taught you how to ride a bike? How many times did he toss that ball to you? Give something back.

Is Father’s Day messing up your plans for the day? How many times did Dad’s plans get messed up for you? He probably never complained or let you know, but you can be sure that there were times he’d rather be somewhere else than at that band concert, or at that track meet, or at home with you and your 103 fever. Sacrifice. That’s what it’s all about.

Our Father God sacrificed the sweet fellowship with His Son so that Jesus could grow up as another man’s son. He was born, so that he could die for each one of us. And Father God simply had to turn away and let it happen. Because He loved us -- His adopted children. Jesus provided the way for us, not only because of His love for us, but because He honored His Father.

Honor your father today. Even if you can only do that in your memories. And if you have no memories, because your father simply wasn’t there, then honor your Father God, because He has promised to always to be there. He will never leave us or forsake us.

Missing my dad on Father's Day,


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