Monday, June 27, 2011

The Sabbath Experience -- week 38

The view from our patio
It started with a sore throat that got increasingly worse until laryngitis set in. For Bill, that is. With 50+ hours of voice-over work lined up for this week, I have to admit my biggest concern was not for how he was feeling as last week wore on, but rather for how I would be feeling come Monday. By Saturday afternoon, my worst fears were starting to materialize. A sore, scratchy throat. A raspy voice. NO!!! There was no way I wanted to let five different clients know I wasn't going to meet their deadlines. No way!

So, I reached into my kitchen cupboard and pulled out the honey and Dr. Bragg's apple cider vinegar and I mixed up my magic concoction -- a 50/50 mix -- and started taking spoonfuls every hour or so. By Sunday afternoon, my sore throat was gone and my voice was fine. You gotta love that vinegar!!

Bill ... well, he's still sick. He finally tried the honey/ACV miracle cure on Saturday, but didn't follow through with it. Plus, he'd already been sick for a few days at that point, so when he didn't feel better right away, he gave up on it. He's not the diehard vinegar that I am.

Since we were both not feeling well on Saturday, we found a substitute teacher for Bill's Sunday School class (thanks, Maggie!!) and decided to spend the entire Sabbath resting. I must say, it was a lovely day. With no alarms set, we slept until 10, and then spent most of the day outside on the porch. I had a time of Bible study and prayer, enjoyed a leisurely brunch, played a couple of games of Bananagrams, watched an episode of season one of the television show, Beauty and the Beast as we ate dinner outside, and finished the evening watching The Wish List on the Hallmark channel.

After a day like that I start off this work week with a few observations and realizations.
  • I love having discovered for myself that the Sabbath was made for rest. I believe that more than ever after starting this experiment nearly nine months ago. I cannot recommend this necessary day of rest to you with more conviction. Of course, our day of rest usually starts off with worship with our church family, and I wouldn't have it any other way. But our afternoons/evenings used to be consumed with work and busyness. The day was no different than any other. God did not intend it to be that way. We all need a day set apart from our usual activities.
  • I love my home and my backyard/patio/porch. The sound of the fountain in the pond refreshes my spirit. The pleasure of watching the birds as they fly from tree to bush to tree, the hummingbirds as they enjoy the nectar of hanging baskets and the butterflies as they glide effortlessly on the breeze, cannot be topped, for me, by exotic or exciting vacations to faraway places or, gasp, noisy amusement parks.
  • I love to be and not do sometimes.
  • I love the Creator and the Creation.
  • I love my husband. Oh how I love my husband. And, the best part is, I really like my husband. What it a joy it is to spend every day with my very best friend.

Today, my heart is filled with an overflowing joy. God is good. A simple statement that holds a wealth of truth.

May you be blessed with a fruitful week and may you discover the joy of the Sabbath.

Keeping it restful,


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