Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A earthly sigh of relief

Who knew that a big pile of electronic junk would bring such a big smile to my face? Well, that's what it did. What? Take a look --

But wait, that's just a little bit of it. Pan out ...

Further ...

How about another view?

Oh, and yes, that is my adorable granddaughter, the lovely little Lady Laura, standing in front of this massive collection of computers, monitors, televisions, curling irons, printers, telephones, etc., etc., etc. This is her hippie look, which I found most appropriate for our visit to Recycle Rama on Saturday.

The amount of electronics alone took my breath away. Thanks to the good people at JVS Environmental of Rockwood who hauled it all away for free.

Look at the pictures again. This is just a small sampling of the electronic junk so many of us have in our homes. Electronic junk that often ends up in the landfill, leeching toxins into the ground and water. Yuck. 

While I was happy to see so many environmentally-conscious people in the community, I was also saddened by how disposable our society has become. We no longer fix things, we just toss them. Wow.

I was happy, I was sad and I was inspired. So much so, that my daugher, Jess, (that's her in the photo) and I decided we wouldn't just go to Recycle Rama next spring ... we'd be part of it. I can't wait!

And we're talking about organizing our own event for late summer ... a much smaller version, of course.

While we were there, we dropped off some things of our own: phone books, batteries, a car battery, telephones, a hair dryer and curling iron, and eyeglasses. It was well worth the trip.

I applaud Danelle Jameson, the event coordinator, and all of the hard-working volunteers. This was an amazing event and if you listened really hard, you could hear the earth let out a sigh of relief.

Keeping it green,


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