Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why did God create stink bugs?

Did you ever wonder why God created stink bugs? Well, to be honest, neither did I until I started thinking of a title for this post. But it's a valid question. I wonder what their purpose is?

All I know is they are enough of a nuisance to cause a commotion in the infested communities across the U.S. Everybody is talking about them. After all, other than ladybug infestations, you rarely hear about someone trying to win the battle against a bug that multiplies by the hundreds in homes, particularly as the cool weather approaches.

I have never been bitten by a stinkbug, but I hear they do bite. Same as ladybugs. Most people think they are harmless, but let me tell you, their bit is pretty darn painful. I would love to know if any of you has ever been bitten by a stink bug. Please post a comment and tell me about it if you have.

While I have not been bitten, I have been sprayed. It is not a pleasant thing, folks. The sickening sweet smell lingers...for a long, long time. One day this past spring when I was putting my freshly line-dried sheets on the bed, I realized the stink bugs must have had a convention on the sheets as they hung on the line. It took days to rid the bedroom of that smell!

It was a really nice day in Western Pennsylvania yesterday so I decided to do my writing out on the back porch. What I did not count on was the onslaught of stink bugs flying and landing anywhere and everywhere...including in my hair! Yuck!!

There must be a solution! I said to myself. They will not win!

So, rather than googling stink bug solutions, I created an environmentally-friendly solution of my own. It is called The Stink Bug Eradicator, which is a much scarier name than product! The product is a simple solution anyone can make at home.
  • Get a jar and fill it with about 3" of water.
  • Add a few squirts of liquid soap. I chose an eco-friendly brand.
  • Place the jar underneath the stink bugs as they climb your walls.
  • Laugh at them as they struggle for their last breath as they are stuck in the soapy water.
  • Close the lid to prevent the smell from permeating the area around you.
  • Utilize call block on your phone and block calls from PETA (I know they are going to hate me for this one -- but c'mon, it's not like I am going to make a coat out of the stink bugs or anything!)
The odd thing was, once I had gathered upwards of 100 stink bugs in the jar, other bugs started jumping in as well. I even had a bee and a huge mosquito go into the jar as I held it under them. Hmm. Maybe I am on to something here. Can't wait to see how many I can bag today!

It may be labor intensive, but I have to admit, I found it to be a bit of a game. You could even have family or neighborhood competitions. See who can jar up the most stink bugs in an hour. Maybe it will become a nationwide phenomenon! Just remember, when that happens, you heard about first here on the GG blog.

Keeping it green when it comes to stink bugs,



  1. Great post! I had no idea that they bite....good to know. I am definitely going to try your eradicator. It's funny because we were just talking about them (stink bugs) at dinner yesterday as they were on our porch. LOL I live about 45 min from you & we are definitely feeling the suffocation of the stink bugs. They are everywhere!!!! Can't seem to get away from them.....anywhere! :-)

  2. There are people who claim they don't bite, but others claim they've been who knows?!


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