Thursday, July 8, 2010

Unfathomable grief

I heard the saddest story at church on Sunday. The wife of a friend's friend was backing out of her driveway thinking all six of her children were in the car. Unfortunately, she was wrong and it cost her husband and her their 7-year-old son, who died in the arms of his older brother.

I haven't been able to shake the effects this story has had on me. Such unimaginable loss. My heart bleeds for this family, so new to this grief. I heard that the mother does not cry; she wails. Wailing for a child she will never again hold safely in her arms while on this earth. Wailing out of loss. Wailing out of pain. Wailing from regret and remorse. Yes, it was an accident, but that doesn't take away her misplaced feeling of guilt. Think about would you feel. I think I would want to die.

I'm sharing this story for two reasons:

1) to remind you of how fleeting life is and how even the most careful of parents can make a mistake that takes away the life of their beloved child. Look, check, recheck before backing out of your driveway. Please.

2) to ask you to pray for this family, and especially for this mother. The children are all home schooled and they all face a very tough road ahead.

Sometimes our babies are here for such a short while. Treasure them.

Humbly in prayer,



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