Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I received a question on Facebook after my post yesterday regarding the use of lemons in natural cleaning products. In addition to adding a truly natural lemon scent to your home, here are some of the things you can do with a lemon:

  • Polish up your brass and copper by halving a lemon and rubbing it on the tarnished items.
  • Dissolve soap scum and hard water deposits with undiluted lemon juice.
  • Scrub kitchen surfaces with a halved lemon sprinkled with baking soda. Use it the way you may have used Comet years ago. This is a wonderful way to get stains out of your sink or off your counters. You can also wash dishes, pots and pans with this handy little lemon scrubber. When done, toss the lemon into your garbage disposal. Ahh, the energizing aroma of lemons! 
  • Polish your hardwood furniture with a solution of olive oil and lemon juice (1 cup to ½ cup). Guaranteed to make your home smell yummy – naturally! 
  • Disinfect a cutting board by rubbing a cut lemon across the surface.
Speaking of disinfecting -- lemons are natural disinfectants. As a matter of fact, researchers at Tsyuma Central Hospital determined that lemon juice kills 99.9% of microbes, including the strain that causes strep infection. To make a natural disinfectant, simply mix up lemon juice with water (50/50) in a spray bottle and apply to non-porous surfaces.

Make sure you wear gloves if you have any cuts on your hands or fingers when cleaning with lemons. Lemon juice can sting when it seeps into an open wound!

Hope I’ve cleared up some of the questions about using lemons in your everyday cleaning. Keep the questions coming! I’m happy to find an answer for them when I can!

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Photo courtesy of Petr Kratochvil

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