Monday, March 8, 2010

A greener trash night -- biodegradable plastic bags

Even those of us who have cut down the amount of trash we throw away, there is still something else we can do to make trash night greener and it has to do with our choice of bags. Petroleum-based garbage bags will sit in the landfill for approximately 1,000 years or more without decomposing. Isn’t that an unnerving thought? I never gave it a second thought when putting out the trash last night. I usually buy whatever trash bags are on sale and just feel good about the fact that we never even fill up our garbage can anymore.

But today I discovered a greener alternative and I wanted to share it with you. Trash bags made with TDPA technology won’t last over two years in the landfill. They’ll have completely dissolved by then. To me, that’s exciting news! Truegreen has a variety of sizes available of biodegradable plastic trash bags. You can shop for them by clicking on the link on the top of the page.

Truegreen also has other earth-friendly and people-friendly products, such as cleaning supplies, hand soaps, laundry alternatives, treeless paper and jute shopping bags. They’re definitely worth a look.

Biodegradable plastic bags. I never thought about it for my trash...until today. I think I’ll click on and place my order for a greener trash night next week!

Keeping it green,


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