Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The difference in our lives

A riddle: What do March 17th and April 22nd have in common? Answer: The color green. While St. Patrick's Day involves shamrocks and green beer, Earth Day focuses on environmental issues and is day when young and old join forces to go green.

This year, there will be more attention given to Earth Day as we celebrate its 40th anniversary. Kids will come home from school asking you to help them with projects related to going green.

It makes me wish my kids were still little. They're projects may be simple, but they can pack an environmental punch, be it ever so small.

See, that's the thing about Earth Day. It's not always about the reforms in the laws, corporate initiatives, etc. It's also about the small things everyone of us does to make a difference.

"What can I do?" you may be asking. "How much of a difference can I make?"

The answer to those questions is why I do this blog. I'm not out to change the world. My goal is to encourage each of you to make a change or two in how you do things. I know not everyone who reads this will follow every one of my suggestions. It would be bizarre to expect you to. But just maybe you've read something and thought, "I can do that!" Something like:
  • switched from disposables to cloth diapers
  • started using Freecycle or taking things to Goodwill rather than adding to the increasing landfill problem
  • protected your little ones from the dangers of BPA
  • considered having dad stay home with the kids rather than placing them in daycare
  • started buying organic milk and other products
  • replaced your chemically-laden cleaning products with vinegar
  • given more hugs to those you love
  • considered adoption as an answer to an unplanned pregnancy
  • bought earth-friendly and child-friendly products
  • started taking vitamin D
  • cut back on your energy usage
  • read more labels
  • signed a petittion
  • reduced the amount of junk mail you receive
  • been more creative and earth-friendly in your gift giving and wrapping
  • not freaked out when there was a turd in the tub
  • decided to circumcize, or not to
  • forgiven someone
  • reconsidered wind power
  • decided to breastfeed
  • opted for a gluten-free diet
  • wasted less food
  • used more cloth bags when shopping
  • started eCycling
  • got rid of mice the natural and kinder way
  • discovered the benefits of hemp
  • got a better night's sleep
  • turned off the TV
  • accepted the fact that going green is non-partisan
  • realized it's all about common sense!
If you've made any changes in your thinking, your life, your family, your part of the world, because of what you've read here, I'm humbled and thrilled. If you could leave a comment and let me know what they were, I'd be grateful.

Let's encourage each other with our stories as Earth Day approaches. We're in this together. If you're looking for a prior post about one of the above subjects, there's a convenient search bar near the bottom of the page. While there, why not participate in the poll located there.

Keeping it green, keeping it healthy, keeping it real,


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  1. I like the point of forgiving someone. I believe that foriving is a very important quality to work on in our lifes. When you can forgive someone for anything small to major, it makes you feel like there is less stress and pressure pushing you down. Stress can lead to sickness and unhappieness. Forgive and forget, lets show a little grace in our lives!

    Jessica Taylor


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