Saturday, April 22, 2017

Hyland's rides the hoarse right out of town

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A couple of weeks ago, I started losing my voice. Sometimes it was fine; other times it was quite hoarse. As a voice-over talent, this is problematic. Especially with my narrations as Maya Ray for iStoryBooks. My usual jovial and kind, "Hi! I'm Maya. What's your name?" beginning to each narration came out froggy, thus totally unacceptable. 

Not only that, but it was the week leading up to Easter. On Good Friday, my husband and I were singing at the service at Northgate Church in Pittsburgh. On Easter Sunday, I was singing with the choir at both the 9:30 and 11:00 services. 

But my voice didn't care. At all. It was rough and at times I'd try to sing a note and the note simply wasn't there. 

The weird thing was, I didn't have any other symptoms. No sore throat. No runny nose. Not even itchy eyes. Still, when I opened a package I received from Hyland's, I immediately twisted off the cap of the Seasonal Allergy Relief and popped a couple tablets under my tongue. A short time later, my voice returned. Throughout the week, I continued to take the Allergy Relief tablets whenever the hoarseness returned. By Friday, I was able to sing, and Sunday morning proved to be no problem. Hyland's did it for me again!

They say that this spring is really bad for allergies, at least it is here in south western Pennsylvania. That's why I'm super happy to have a safe remedy without side effects (like drowsiness) for my husband and me (yes, he's been popping them, too!) and for my grandchildren who have been suffering with various symptoms.

While the FDA may be leery of homeopathic remedies, I am not. I would much rather put something natural in my body than load it up with the chemicals pushed on us by the pharmaceutical companies. Do I ever take prescription or OTC meds? Yes. However, if given a choice between a Hyland's product and something from the big drug companies, I'll choose Hyland's every time.

Hyland's 4Kids Allergy Relief helps relieve itchy nose and throat, itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, and sneezing. In other words, it provides much needed relief to your kids when they're feeling miserable due to the pollen, pet dander, dust, etc. And the adult formula does the same for grown ups and children over 12 years old. 

Hooray for Hyland's. You will forever hear me singing their praise! And my voice won't sound froggy at all!

As a mother and grandmother, I am constantly researching healthier living options, which include being proactive in preventing diseases and conditions. My use of homeopathic remedies has spanned decades and is the reason I’m thrilled to be a Hyland’s Healthmaker. Let’s not just treat our health conditions, let’s do everything we can to prevent them.

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