Wednesday, November 11, 2015

It's my book's anniversary and I've got a deal for you!

My book, VINEGAR FRIDAYS, was released four years ago today. That's hard for me to wrap my head around. Since then, I've received countless comments about how the book has changed people's lives. I am thrilled when I meet someone and they enthusiastically tell me about the ways they use the tips in the book. It's humbling, actually. And gratifying. To celebrate the anniversary of the book, I am lowering the price on to only $5.50! That's an amazing price for a book chock full of advice for ridding your life of toxins, don't you think? But hurry, that discounted price is only good until the end of the month!

So, do me a favor and order the book. I mean, at that price, how can you refuse? 

VINEGAR FRIDAYS includes tips about
  • Cleaning and disinfection with distilled white vinegar
  • Treating a variety of physical conditions with apple cider vinegar
  • Eliminating odors
  • How to spot toxins in the list of ingredients in popular cleaning products
  • How to eliminate common household products from your home like 
    • shampoo/conditioner
    • fabric softener
    • bathroom cleaner
    • bleach
    • toilet bowl cleaner
    • glass cleaner
    • floor cleaner 
    • furniture polish
    • and more!
  • How vinegar fits into your pet care routine
  • Gardening with vinegar
  • and so much more!
$5.50 for all of that?! You'll recover the cost of the book quickly as you discover the wonders of vinegar and stop filling your shopping cart with toxic stuff you simply don't need!

This edition of VINEGAR FRIDAYS is fully indexed and easy to use!

It's a bargain and it's from my heart -- a splash of vinegar with a dash of personality. And it belongs in your home!

Keeping it green with vinegar,

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