Sunday, November 1, 2015

Best of the Burghosphere 2015 in Pittsburgh!

Today kicks off National Blog Post Month and the Best of the Burghosphere 2015 in Pittsburgh. If you're a blogger and your city isn't doing something similar, perhaps it should. No, not perhaps. It definitely should.

What is the Best of the Burghosphere? It's...
  • a celebration of Pittsburgh bloggers
  • an award ceremony
  • a chance to see what Pittsburgh has to offer in the blogosphere
  • an opportunity to meet other bloggers in the area
  • fun
  • an opportunity to step out of our comfort zone
It's even a fundraiser, with proceeds benefiting the MWFA Resident Artists project.

Those of us participating were assigned each others' blogs at random. We were to familiarize ourselves with the blog and come up with a creative award for the blogger. We will be gathering at an awards ceremony later this month.

I decided a few months ago to participate. That was before I knew I would be committed to caring for my 5 YO grandson while his mama (my daughter) was away caring for her newborn (soon to be adopted) daughter. Lots of stuff's been happening as we prepared for my new grandbaby's arrival, knowing she would be in the hospital for awhile after her birth. Even more has been happening postpartum.

What an awful time for someone to be checking out my blog and coming up with a category for me worthy of an award. Blogger Most Likely to Flake Out or Blogger Most Likely to Stop Posting are just a couple of awards I seem worthy of these days. Seriously. I do hope whoever was assigned to Green Grandma dug a little bit deeper into the blog to find some meaty stuff there.

But what about the blog I was assigned to? Well, let me tell you, I hit the link and was immediately intimidated. Let's face it -- we mommy bloggers are pretty much all about personality. Yes, we post informative, vital info, but for the most part, we're out there with our day-to-day business. There doesn't seem to be much that we hide. I think that's one of the appeals of mommy bloggers -- and yes, even though I'm a grandma and don't have any little ones underfoot (until these past couple of weeks), I'm still considered a mommy blogger due to my style and content.

Then there's, the blog assigned to me. Oh dear. The title is an understatement! At least for someone like me who reviews cloth diapers, not technology! I have to admit, I was overwhelmed and, like I said, intimidated when I first visited the site. This is nothing like the pale pastels and pictures of cute babies and cuddly animals I was used to seeing.

What in the world was I supposed to do with this?

Then I delved a bit deeper and discovered this to be a rather helpful site for times when I'm looking for a thorough review of something I normally wouldn't review. Like the Innoo Tech LED Shower Head Review posted recently. And if I want to find out how something fares environmentally, I just have to type "green" into the search bar and all sorts of goodies pop up. Like this article: Three Clean, Green Tips for a Brighter Holiday (and a Better World). Wow. There's something for me there after all. No, it might not be adorned with ribbons and kiddisms (cute things our kids say), but it's good, solid information that's well-written and straightforward. 

Which brings us to the Award. Cerebral-Overload is the Blogger I'm Bookmarking for When I'm Ready to Buy my Next Green Car. There are some really awesome car reviews here, folks, and I highly recommend you check it out. Seriously. 

So how about that? Green Grandma, who had a major cerebral overload when first visiting the site, has found more than enough reasons to bookmark it. Cool.

I hope you'll take some time to visit the Best of the Burghosphere 2015 in Pittsburgh and see what other great blogs are out there that just might take you out of your comfort zone the way initially took me out of mine. And you'll want to check out the creative awards being given. I, for one, can't wait to see mine!

Keeping it green as much as I can,


  1. Thanks so much for reviewing my site. It's always interesting to see what other people think about what your do. Thanks very much for doing this

    1. It was my pleasure, Ben. I hope to meet you at the event on the 20th.


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