Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Green Grandma Hero Award

Since I've been caring for my 5 YO grandson while his mama is in the hospital caring for her newborn soon-to-be adopted daughter, I've gained a new respect for all you mommy bloggers out there. Even though I'm considered a mommy blogger, it's due to my target audience, rather than my personal status -- that of a grandma with no children at home.

Let me tell you... this trying to squeeze in blog posts (including research, etc.) is no easy task when you have trips to pre-school in the afternoon with only 1.5 hours in between (if you add in travel time), feeding a 5 YO, dishes, laundry, story time, bath time, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc., etc.

You guys rock!

So today, my Green Grandma Hero Award goes out to all the mommy bloggers out there who are managing to juggle it all.

You go, girls!

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