Monday, October 12, 2015

God's Waiting Room (anyone else tired of counting the flowers on the wallpaper?)

It seems I've spent an awful lot of time in God's waiting room. Back in the '80s, I remember commenting to someone that I'd already counted every flower on the wallpaper of the aforementioned waiting room and I was ready to move on. Of course, sometimes we don't have a choice. 

Some of the worst God's waiting room times for me when I was waiting on a baby. I carried mine for way too long, back in the days before they induced the minute after your due date. Baby number one was due on August 29th and born exactly one month later; baby number two was due on May 12th and born on June 9th; and baby number three was due on June 9th and I was induced on June 25th. Who knows how long that one would have lasted had I not been induced.

Then there was the waiting on the grandbabies. Going to bed at night wondering if the phone was going to ring. It's maddening, actually. But it's part of life when you're blessed enough to have children and grandchildren.

Sometimes the waiting rooms are for jobs, or diagnoses, or for prodigals to make their way back home. Sometimes there is heartbreak ahead or simply in the very act of waiting.

God's waiting room -- a time to be still and wait for answers or for action. A time to listen and to learn. A time to develop character. Perhaps it's not a bad place to be after all.

While I wait (I'll tell you what for as soon as the door opens), I'm wondering, what are you waiting for?

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