Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Real Happiness is in giving

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Real Happiness

Happiness may be a state of mind or an attitude, but virtually every person is driven to do activities and be around people that will make them happy. Happiness certainly is a huge motivational factor in people’s lives. It’s why people go on vacation. It’s why people seek a certain high-paying job. It’s why families get together for holidays and other joyous occasions.

Despite what makes people happy in receiving, it is really in the giving that makes people rejoice. There are many ways to give to the community. Some people keep care packages in their vehicles and hand them out when they see homeless people. Many people volunteer at homeless shelters. Others take part in community service to give back. Whatever the form of giving, it provides the highest level of happiness because it brings relief and happiness to others.

It is usually those who have gone without who help others the most in bad situations. They understand the pain felt in certain circumstances. In this way, people can turn personal pain into something beneficial to others. Many others simply understand that in a world filled with numerous resources, no one should have to go without.

There are other ways to reach out to the less fortunate. For example, by reaching out to the less fortunate with performing arts, they too can be enriched and empowered. Several artists, actors and singers perform for under-resourced communities in an effort to improve others’ lives through beauty, inspiration and encouragement. Even if a person was not able to directly volunteer to help the less fortunate, it is possible to donate to the cause. A donation can help others volunteering their time to perform.

The ultimate happiness is in knowing that a difference was made for a person who otherwise may not have had any help. Empowering others through art expands their minds. From viewing art, people think of their own creative possibilities that open doors in many parts of their lives. Art provides a creative outlet that can also help with stress-reduction, provide a way to earn money and simply make the world more beautiful. It doesn’t matter so much how a person gives, what matters is that they do.

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