Friday, June 20, 2014

IOTUT -- It's summer! Ditch the dryer

It's Friday's Instead of This, Use This and since we're embarking on the first day of summer tomorrow, I thought it was the ideal time to remind you that the sun and wind do a perfect job of drying your laundry. The spring boasted quite a bit of pollen in our area this year, so line-drying was not always practical, especially for those with allergies, but the spring pollens have wrapped up their annual visit and it's time to let the amazing fresh air smell permeate your laundry once more. Or, for some of you, for the first time. Let me just encourage those of you in the latter bunch to try it; you'll like it. 

Is it more work? Of course. But the smell is worth it. It is seriously my favorite scent in all the world, and no artificial fragrances can come even close. Plus, all that bending and reaching makes for a pretty good workout. When was the last time you burned calories when doing laundry?

There is one more, rather important, advantage. When you line dry your laundry, you save energy. It is, without a doubt, the environmentally-responsible thing to do. Naturally, not using your dryer will save you money as well.

So that's it. Short and sweet. Instead of the dryer, use the clothes line. Even if you don't want to do it for all of your laundry, at least give the sheets a try. You'll be won over. I practically guarantee it.

Who's in for the challenge?

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