Friday, February 7, 2014

Instead of this, use this...


Well, folks, unless I repeat myself over and over, I'm pretty much running out of things to say about vinegar. Therefore, with the exception of the first Friday of the month, I'm replacing Vinegar Fridays with Instead Of This, Use This (IOTUT). This Friday feature will be all about ridding your life of toxic products or environmentally unfriendly things and replacing them with natural, safe, earth friendly alternatives. Sound good? 

So let's kick it off with this week's IOTUT.

Many of us across the country are experiencing a pretty nasty cold snap. The result, for a lot of us, is to crank up the furnace. Unfortunately, that can cause a bunch of issues, such as outrageously high utility bills, power outages, and really dry air. 

Instead of using the thermostat to regulate how warm you are, why not dress in layers? A pair of tights, long johns, or leggings under a pair of jeans or sweatpants will keep your legs toasty. Coupled with a pair of legwarmers (my personal favorite), fuzzy socks, and slippers, your bottom half will be nice and warm. Up top, try laying an undershirt or camisole with a turtleneck and a sweater or sweatshirt. Still chilly? Scarves really do help to keep in body heat. Grab a fleece one and wrap it around your neck. If that's not enough, hats can be worn inside, too. A pair of fingerless gloves will allow you to scroll through Facebook or your favorite blogs, shoot off emails, hit the buttons on the remote, or turn a page of that novel you've been dying to read. 

I keep a small blanket by my office chair and drape it across my lap when I'm really cold. I also recommend keeping a cat or dog close by to snuggle up with... they're warm, fuzzy, and the perfect accessory when it's time for nap.

Being comfy in our homes doesn't necessarily mean turning up the thermostat. Pile some extra blankets on the beds and make sure to save on your fuel bill while you're sleeping. Don't like getting up to a cold house (I don't either)? Invest in a programmable thermostat, or take turns getting up an hour early to crank the heat up, then climb back in bed for a bit. When you wake, your house will be warm enough to get the day's activities underway.

That's today's IOTUT. I hope you benefited from it in one way or another. If you have suggestions for this feature, or would like to guest blog on a future Friday, contact me. I love a variety of ideas and opinions!

Keeping it earth-friendly on Friday,

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