Friday, February 14, 2014

A K-Cup alternative

Welcome back to Friday's IOTUS (Instead Of This, Use This). If you're looking for Vinegar Friday, you'll have to stop back on the first Friday of the month or just browse through my old VF posts. Let me assure you -- there are plenty of them!

This is a sponsored post. Green Grandma received product and/or compensation in exchange for an honest review. 

Today, I want to focus on the single serving coffee explosion that seems to be taking the country by storm. Let me ask -- do you own a Keurig or similar machine? If you know me very well, you know that I hate the idea of the Keurig. Why? Because of the enormous amount of packaging that ends up in the landfill every single day. Now, some of you, who really care about the environment, yet love your Keurigs, found a solution -- the reusable one cup filter. Fantastic!

But there are a whole lot of others who are using the single K-cups day in and day out. The impact on the environment is horrific. So, other than replacing your Keurigs with multiple cup coffee makers, what do I propose? Instead of plastic one-cup coffee pods, use these wonderfully 97% biodegradable and compostable one-cup coffee pods from Rogers Family Coffee, a family run business for over 30 years.

I'll be posting a review of the coffee on Wednesday, so be sure to check it out. I've handed out quite a variety of the K-cups to others so there will be a balanced review. In the meantime, take a couple of minutes to watch the following video. It gives you an idea of why I love Rogers Coffee!


Presenting environmentally-friendly alternatives,

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