Friday, August 17, 2012

Vinegar Friday -- it's about those pesky ants

Photo by Teodoro S. Gruhl

Okay, I've had it. My family and I are wrapping up our week-long vacation in Sandbridge, Virginia where we stayed in a beautiful 7-bedroom house on the beach. It's been lovely. I really have no complaints about Mi Casa Su Casa. Except for the ants. Hundreds of them. In the kitchen. On the counter. In the sink. In the dishwasher.

"Dump 2 cups of vinegar in it, close it up and run it through a quick rinse. That will kill them," I told my daughter. These little buggers bite awfully hard for how small they are and I'm really sick of it.

Yesterday morning, they were everywhere once again. So I grabbed the jug of distilled white vinegar and I doused a wash cloth with it and started to wipe. I was appalled at the amount of little brown creatures on the underside of the washcloth. I turned it over and watched them die. Then I doused a second washcloth and repeated the process. Next, I poured undiluted DWV into the sinks and wiped the surrounding counters. That pretty much took care of the problem.

Ants. I'm just not a fan. Vinegar. Well, that's a different story!

Keeping it green and ant-free with vinegar,


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