Monday, August 27, 2012

A return to church and a return to dominoes

It felt good to be back at church yesterday after missing the past two weeks while on vacation. It felt especially good when the minister announced my daughter's pregnancy. Yes, while I'm Green Grandma to all of you, I'm Grandma to a precious few. Two to be exact... with one more on the way. 

"I'm going to be a big sister!"

It only about six weeks along, it's early to find out, and even earlier to make an announcement, I suppose. But my daughter, Jess, has never been a very private person. And since she is bi-polar like her mother, she needs to know early on, so she can go off her meds for the well being of the baby. The announcement was made at church for good reason... to ask for prayer from our church family. You see, Jess lost a baby in January '10 and again in January '11. She's finally pregnant again, and we're pretty much begging God to help her to carry this one. If you feel inclined to join us in our fervent prayers for this precious little one, we'd gratefully appreciate it.

Yes, it was a good Sabbath day. 

After lunch, we came home for a couple of hours before trekking over to Murrysville for dinner and a competitive game of dominoes, thus resurrecting our dominoes-on-the-last-Sunday-of-the-month tradition. I truly regret the months upon months that have passed without our honoring this commitment. Click here to read more about the reasons for this standing date in Battling Cancer... Let's Play Dominoes

Yesterday was a day for celebrating life. And for being thankful for each precious day.

Have you embraced gratitude lately, for the life of those around you? Today's a good day to do so.

Sharing my Sabbath with you,


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