Thursday, May 31, 2018

Mama's Jewelry -- a review

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received product and/or compensation in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

I love jewelry. Of course, if it's fair trade, I love it even more. But that doesn't mean I won't buy or appreciate other jewelry. So when I was chosen to review a piece of jewelry from Mama's Jewelry, I was quite happy. 

After reviewing their site, I opted for a ring. First I checked out the rings for grandmas, but, quite honestly, I didn't like the stone combination for my 5 grandchildren (2 October, August, April, and February). It just wasn't a good look. So I decided to go with the NANA Princess Mother's Ring. It comes with up to 6 stones, but I chose only 3 -- a sapphire framed by two alexandrites for my September and June babies. The image shown on the website was beautiful. I thought the stones would look best in sterling silver. This is what I expected:

Pretty, isn't it? I loved the extra silver bands at the sides of the stones. 

But here is what I received:

Maybe it's me, but those two side stones, which are pictured above as a light purple, look green to me (and they're not even matching greens!). What do you think? This is not the ring I wanted. Plus, it's smaller than I expected. Notice the single silver bands beside the stones. Here it is on my finger:

It's a thin band with small stones. While it is pretty and seems to be well-crafted, it is not what I wanted. 

I wrote to the company to express my dissatisfaction. Here is their response:

The alexandrite stone is a gorgeous gem that is hard to replicate. The true stone has color-shifting properties which result in a color shift. It shows as blue or bluish green in daylight and purplish red in incandesent (misspelling is theirs) light. The Swarovski Zirconia that most closely matches this is the one that we have selected for our rings, and can vary from blue-green to purple as does the natural stone.

This effect can be influenced by the color of the stones set with it, next to your sapphire the june stones will appear darker than if they were placed next to a march stone, for example.

Umm... okay, but then why picture the ring with light purple stones? Why not accurately depict the ring? To be fair, they offered to replace the stones with something closer to the photo, but I had to pay shipping. They do boast a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, but since I didn't have to pay for the ring, I'm not sending it back. Especially not at my expense.

Needless to say, I am not entirely happy and since I promise to post honest reviews, you can count on me to do so.

Like I said, the ring is pretty and, so far, at only $79, seems to be a quality ring. It's simply not what I bargained for.

If you choose to order from the Mama's Jewelry site, just be aware that your jewelry might not arrive looking like the piece you thought you ordered.

Reviewing it for you,

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