Friday, March 4, 2016

Oil and vinegar. It's not just for salads anymore.


Aren't you glad it's a Vinegar Friday? This month, we're talking about oil and vinegar. And, like the title says, it's not just for salads anymore.

Since I hit 55 or so, I watched as my formerly oily skin dried up. Gone were the shiny spots as I welcomed (welcomed?!) dry skin that felt a bit like fine sandpaper. Lovely.

As a result, I've tried multiple skincare products to soften it up. Nothing has worked. Over the past three months, I've been testing a few products that were sent to me to review. While there was a slight improvement in the tightness of my skin and a noticeable difference in the fine lines around my eyes and mouth, no matter how faithful I was at using the night cream every night and the day cream every day, the sandpaper was still there. If it would hurt so much, I could probably use my jawline to smooth out some rough wood.

I finally decided to ditch the expensive face creams and went back to the basics -- apple cider vinegar and coconut oil -- and ohhhh, what a difference. Smooth, smooth skin again. Why, oh why, did I think expensive products were the answer?

So, if you're looking to improve the quality of your skin while sticking to a budget (and avoiding any potentially harmful toxins), here's my advice. 

Wash your face before going to bed with safe, natural soap or with just water and a Norwex face cloth. Follow that with a toner of just plain ACV. No need to dilute it. Finish up by smoothing organic coconut oil on your face and neck. Be prepared to love your skin in the morning. I know I do.

Keeping it green, clean, and soft with vinegar,

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